Technical Indicator MEGA Reference Part 35a – Market Thrust

Market Thrust

The Market Thrust indicator is a powerful measure of the stock market’s internal strength or weakness. There are four components to this indicator:

  1. Advancing Issues on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – $ADV or $NYADV
  2. Advancing Volume on the NYSE – $UVOL or $NYUPV
  3. Declining Issues on the NYSE – $DECL or $NYDEC
  4. Declining Volume on the NYSE – $DVOL or $NYDNV

The formula for Market Thrust is given below:

  • (Advancing Issues x Advancing Volume) – (Declining Issues x Declining Volume)

A chart of the mini-Dow futures contract is shown below:

When used for day-trading, the trend of the Market Thrust indicator is what is most important.

  • Rising Market Thrust Indicator: Considered a bullish sign; can act as a confirmation signal when combined with a rising stock, index ETF, or stock index future’s price.
  • Falling Market Thrust Indicator: ¬†Considered a bearish sign; can act as a confirmation signal of a decreasing market price.

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