Technical Indicator MEGA Reference Part 15 – Commodity Select Index (CSI)

Commodity Select Index CSI

The Commodity Select Index CSI was intended by Welles Wilder to be used to select the best commodity to trade by weighing the volatility and trending characteristics of each futures market. According to Welles Wilder, the higher the Commodity Select Index, the best risk-reward setup.

The chart below of the 100 oz. Gold Futures contract illustrates the Commodity Select Index:

Four main inputs to the Commodity Select Index:

  1. Directional Movement
  2. Market Volatility
  3. Margin Requirements for the futures contract
  4. Commission Costs

The Commodity Select Index is usually calculated over 14-periods and includes the ADXR in its calculation. The Commodity Select Index is yet another technical indicator created by Welles Wilder and chronicled in his classic and ever popular book, New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems.

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